• Middle East

    Our Middle East programme is based on the belief that a durable peace in the region can only be achieved through the active participation of those who are regarded as political or religious hardliners. We believe that, as long as the voices of non-convinced constituencies are not at the table, no sustainable solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be found. More

  • Political Dialogues

    The Helsinki Policy Forum is a political dialogue between parliamentarians, government officials and economic experts from the Arab/Muslim and Western worlds. The aim is to develop greater understanding and mutual respect to work towards addressing common challenges. The Tunisian Process... More


What we do

Forward Thinking is a proactive, demand-driven, facilitative organisation that works:
  • To promote a more inclusive peace process in the Middle East.
  • To facilitate political dialogues in, and between, the Arab/Muslim and Western worlds.
  • To promote in the UK, greater understanding and confidence between diverse grassroots Muslim communities and wider society.
Click here for a video of the Director, Oliver McTernan, speaking about the work of Forward Thinking.


Forward Thinking travelled to Tunisia to host a roundtable workshop with a diverse group of young Tunisian political activists (18-35) from across the country’s political spectrum. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a space where young Tunisians could come together to meet individuals from different political backgrounds; attempt to jointly identify the challenges [...]

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Forward Thinking hosted a small delegation from the Order of Malta, including the diplomatic advisor to the Grand Chancellor, at our offices in London, Friday 7th August 2015. Discussions focused on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean and its implications for Europe, with a particular focus on how the current political situation in Libya and [...]

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